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Get to Know Your Temtem Starters with the Latest Temtem Trailer


Get to Know Your Temtem Starters with the Latest Temtem Trailer

Every monster collector game lives and dies by its starter roster. These games need a balanced set of adorable creatures to hook players, and the newest Temtem trailer indicates the game will feature monsters that check all those boxes.

The “Starter Reveal Trailer” (which was posted on the GameSpot YouTube channel) introduces audiences to the first three Temtem players will encounter, because every Pokemon-like game needs a trio of beginner monsters. While these creatures follow the tried and true “rock, paper, scissors” pattern of elemental weaknesses, they shy away from the classic water, fire, and grass typage.

These beginner Temtem include the tanky Crystal-type Crystle (why no, that is not confusing in the slightest), the powerful Melee-type Smazee, and the speedy Mental-type Houchic. As you might expect, Houchic trounces Smazee, Smazee pummels Crystle, and Crystle crushes Houchic.

Not only does this triumvirate effectively explain how type advantages work in Temtem, the trailer also provides an extra hint for players. Apparently, Crystal-types will be effective against Electrical-types; Melee-types will be strong against Earth-type Temtem, and Mental-types will have an advantage against Neutral-types. Given the number of elements in Temtem, the trailer only scratches the surface.

Temtem is scheduled to enter Steam Early Access on January 21st, and the developers plan to release Xbox One, PlayStation 4, an Nintendo Switch versions of the game eventually. You can sign up to participate in Beta Stress Tests at

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