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MixPot Reward for Watching X019 on Mixer Revealed


MixPot Reward for Watching X019 on Mixer Revealed

Ahead of X019, Microsoft has unveiled what can be expected in the MixPot for watching the X019 stream on Mixer.

If you’re unfamiliar with what a MixPot is:

For live-streamed Xbox events, viewers who watch on Mixer with an account linked to their Xbox Live account will receive a digital goodie bag. These MixPots have been given during E3 and previous Inside Xbox events for the last couple of years.

The E3 2018 MixPot included a free pre-order of The Outer Wilds and the year before gifted players a copy of Rare Replay.

First up in the MixPot is an Obsidian Wheel cosmetic item for the Xbox-exclusive Sea of Thieves.

If you’re playing the recently released mobile game, Gears Pop, the other MixPot offering is for you. For the MixPot you will receive a $5 Gears Pop X019 Promotional Pack for which the exact contents are currently unknown.

The third item is less precise, as it’s essentially a raffle ticket for a chance to win a year subscription to Game Pass Ultimate, which combines Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass subscriptions. Game Pass Ultimate is $15/month so winning that would certainly be a great treat for those that are not subscribed.

X019 Mixpot

While the offerings aren’t exactly anything with wide appeal, the chance at a free year of Game Pass Ultimate is reason enough to spend just a couple minutes, especially for those intending on watching X019 anyway.

Anyone seeking to only obtain the MixPot isn’t required to watch the entire stream, simply watching it with a Mixer account linked to your Xbox Live account is enough, but you are advised to let it sit on the stream for a few minutes to be safe and ensure that it has counted your presence.

Twinfinite is going to be covering X019, just as we did last year, so stick close with us this Thursday if you are unable to watch the stream, or simply want to enhance your experience.

You can read our article on predictions of seven announcements that would raise the hype of X019 right here.

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