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7 Big X019 Announcements That’d Deliver on the Hype


7 Big X019 Announcements That’d Deliver on the Hype

X019 kicks off tomorrow and Microsoft is touting it as their “biggest” show yet, promising tons of reveals and game announcements for Inside Xbox. Of course, we’ve got our own little wishlist of announcements we’d like to see, so let’s get going.

Microsoft xCloud Update

Microsoft xCloud, XO19 Predictions

Microsoft xCloud has been in a sort of beta phase for the past couple of months now but it’s touted as being a premier streaming experience that allows users to play their favorite Xbox games like Gears 5 and Sea of Thieves by way of the Cloud.

With all of these other streaming services in the works such as Google Stadia, xCloud needs to be different enough in order for people to want to jump on board to this “cloud gaming” future.

Microsoft has yet to announce when xCloud will be available for the general public, but we’re almost 100% positive that it will be talked about in some capacity during the big show this week in London.

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