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A Hat in Time Nyakuza Metro DLC is Coming to Switch Next Week


A Hat in Time Nyakuza Metro DLC is Coming to Switch Next Week

The most recent piece of major DLC for A Hat in Time, Nyakuza Metro, was confirmed by creator Jonas Kaerlev to be coming to Nintendo Switch as soon as next week.

The release date is Nov. 21 and will include the following features via A Hat in Time Twitter:

What it doesn’t include unfortunately is the Online Party mode which was included in the Steam version of the Nyakuza Metro DLC release.

The reason for this as explained by the developer is that the Online Party uses the Steam Networking API to work. Without it, it is presumably not possible to accomplish on the Switch.

That aside, this is great news for fans of the 3D platformer. For a long time, it didn’t appear like A Hat in Time would ever even make it to the Switch. Kaerlev for many months after the game’s initial release on PC painted a picture that it wasn’t going to happen.

Now in late 2019, not only is A Hat in Time a thing for the Switch, but it’s getting access to all of its major DLC content. Quite the turn around indeed.

As opposed to the Arctic Cruise theme of new world in Seal the Deal the other major DLC pack released for A Hat in Time, Nyakuza Metro has a downtown, big city, urban/cat theme to it.

Seal the Deal is already available for purchase on the Switch and has been since the game launched on that platform. So if you haven’t already, you can pick that up if you already cleared out most of the Time Pieces in the original game or just want to play with cute seals.

If you’re interested in what we had to think of A Hat in Time as a whole, you can check out our review of the PC version back from 2017.

Featured image via Gears of Breakfast YouTube

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