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Yaga, a 2D Fantasy RPG Based on Slavic Folklore, has a Release Date & New Trailer

yaga, release date trailer

Yaga, a 2D Fantasy RPG Based on Slavic Folklore, has a Release Date & New Trailer

Developer Versus Evil has announced the release date of its upcoming 2D action-RPG Yaga with a new trailer that showcases the game’s whimsical story and bone-crushing melee combat. The game is to launch on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the Epic Games Store next month, Nov. 12.

Yaga tells the story of Ivan, “a one-handed blacksmith with incredibly bad luck, who must take on the impossible tasks given to him by the tzar. All the while the mysterious witch, Baba Yaga, watches over Ivan’s fate.”

The narrative is described as “an authentic love letter to childhood fables from Romanian indie developer, Breadcrumbs Interactive.” The game’s hand-drawn 2D art certainly has a sense of fairytale about it.

Yaga’s key features:

  • Bludgeon the ancient monsters of Slavic folklore using a vast arsenal of hammers and tools forged by Ivan’s own hands.
  • Your actions change Ivan’s story, his reputation, and the upgrades he can choose.
  • Experiment in the deep forging system to make weapons like teleporting lightning hammers and hookshot pitchforks.
  • Explore the combinations of talismans, magic items, blessings, perks, and curses to fundamentally change how Ivan plays.
  • Multiple endings, multiple mission outcomes, random maps, random encounters, and hidden secrets mean Yaga is meant to be played over and over again.
  • Ivan’s grandma just wants him to find a wife. Don’t disappoint her!

Yaga’s release date trailer is below.

If you’re interested in other fantasy RPGs based on folklore and pagan mythology then check out Waylanders, a party-based RPG from former Bioware developers.

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