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Vicarious Publishing Forms; Horror Adventure ‘My Beautiful Paper Smile’ its Debut Game

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Vicarious Publishing Forms; Horror Adventure ‘My Beautiful Paper Smile’ its Debut Game

Vicarious PR has today announced a new game publishing initiative that will see it fund and support game studios moving forward. A horror adventure with an absolutely gorgeous aesthetic called My Beautiful Paper Smile is the first game in the new publisher’s portfolio.

Vicarious CEO Michael Brown told Twinfinite:

“Game development is an amazing creative process however many developers often find themselves in a bubble after a while. We can provide different perspectives that can help inform them to create the best game possible for them, us and most importantly, for players.

The publisher’s first game, My Beautiful Paper Smile, takes place in an eerie supernatural dystopia in which young children trapped and raised according to twisted vision of “perfect.” An exceptionally pretty 2D art-style really complements its grim atmosphere, but there’s more than just a story and aesthetic to admire: players will have to explore and engage in puzzle gameplay to unravel its mysteries.

Brown explained the decision to spearhead Vicarious’ publishing efforts with this game in particular:

“We fell in love with My Beautiful Paper Smile as soon as we saw it. The art-style is striking, and the gameplay finds a nice blend of adventure and horror without being a jump scare troupe. We wanted our debut game to show what we are all about, high quality, unique and fun. My Beautiful Paper Smile does this on ever account I feel.”

My Beautiful Paper Smile is from Two Star Games, a team comprised of just a single developer, Gavin Eisenbeisz. I’m told he’s been working on the game since 2017 and spent months innovating its unique art-style. Eisenbeisz has also written the entire thing himself, too.

Key features are listed below:

  • Stunning hand-drawn graphics
  • Deep engrossing story
  • Free yourself and try to escape the authorities ‘education’ facility
  • Run and hide from the faceless one
  • Solve tension inducing puzzles on the path to freedom
  • Uncover the reason behind the operation
  • Discover the dark mystery behind the authorities’ twisted scheme

My Beautiful Paper Smile will launch in 2020. You can visit its Steam page for more, and the game’s trailer is embedded below:

In other games industry news today, ProbablyMonsters announced its formation, launching two new AAA game studios.

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