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Rocket League Update Revives Haunted Hallows, Debuts New Features

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Rocket League Update Revives Haunted Hallows, Debuts New Features

As expected, Rocket League is bringing back one of their most popular yearly events this month with the return of Haunted Hallows. The update drops on Oct. 14 with a number of other feature updates as well.

If the number of Halloween-themed cosmetics you see on cars throughout the year are any indication, it’s likely that a large portion of the community can’t wait to see what Psyonix comes up with next for Haunted Hallows.

They haven’t released any details yet about the content for the event this year, but they have promised to, “…flip what you expect from the usual Haunted Hallows…” More details will be revealed later this week.

Despite the lack of details, it’s incredibly likely that there will be all the ghosts, skeletons, and other spooky Halloween paraphernalia you can handle. They always go all out for Haunted Hallows.

Rocket League will also be getting a huge new feature that will help you team up with other good players you meet online. After a match, Party-Up gives you the option to create a party with your previous teammate.

The other player also needs to hit the Party-Up button as well. This new feature could enable players who primarily play on their own to find similarily skilled teammates for future matches.

As more of a time-saving measure, a quickplay button will be added to the game menu. This will launch you into searching for a new match based upon the last game mode you played. New Rocket League players will automatically launch into 3v3 Standard.

The last two updates are minor cosmetic improvements. First, the news ticker on the main menu is getting a bit of a change. Finally, Complexity and Spacestation Gaming items will be added to the Esports Shop.

If you’re interested in reading the full release from Psyonix you can find it here.

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