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New Pokemon Masters Content Includes Story Chapters & New Character, Training Events, & More

Pokemon Masters

New Pokemon Masters Content Includes Story Chapters & New Character, Training Events, & More

After acknowledging the game’s lack of content since launch earlier this month, publisher DeNa has announced that starting today and rolling out through November, Pokemon Masters is set to receive a slew of new features.

A full breakdown of the content is below.

  • More Chapters in the Main Story – Three new story chapters will be added to the game on Nov. 6, allowing players to continue the story of Pokémon Masters and play up to Chapter 21.
  • Calem Comes to Pasio – Calem, one of the main characters from Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, will make his debut in Pokémon Masters as one of the Trainers that players can interact with in the three new story chapters.
  • “Expert” Difficulty Now Available – “Expert” difficulty, one level above “Very Hard,” is now available for Strike, Tech, and Support courses within the Training Area of the game. Playing courses on “Expert” difficulty will allow players to earn items more efficiently.
  • New Missions Now Available – New missions for completing objectives in the Main Story have been added to the game for a limited time (runs until Nov. 6). By completing these missions, players can earn in-game rewards up to 200 gems, 20 Big Pearls, and various training items.
  • Grass-Type & Electric-Type Training Events Currently Underway – Limited-time events for both Grass-Type and Electric-Type sync pairs are currently available to play for increased experience points. Players who win co-op battles within these events will be able to obtain vouchers that are exchangeable for items within the Shop. The Grass-Type training event runs until Oct. 30, while the Electric-Type training event runs until Oct. 29.

Pokemon Masters enjoyed huge success in its opening week, having been downloaded 10 million times in just four days. But it’s been dicey since then, with many players disgruntled at the lack of content and support since.

Indeed, today’s news follows on from an apology from Masters’ producer Yu Sasaki who admitted the game’s lack of content failed to push the game forward after launch, stating:

“We’re disappointed we did not meet the expectations of our community, and for this, we sincerely apologize,” 

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