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Death Stranding’s Launch Trailer Is as Long as It Is Beautiful (and Cryptic)

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Death Stranding’s Launch Trailer Is as Long as It Is Beautiful (and Cryptic)

We’ve waited many long years for Hideo Kojima to grace the gaming landscape with Death Stranding, and the title is almost ready for the big time. What would a long-awaited game release be without a celebratory launch trailer?

Earlier today, the official PlayStation YouTube channel posted an English version of the latest Death Stranding trailer (which premiered at Paris Games Week). In true Hideo Kojima fashion, the video is almost eight-minutes long and lays on the feels. We shouldn’t expect anything less from the man who turned a three-minute ladder climb into one of Metal Gear Solid 3’s most memorable scenes.

Now, if you watch the Death Stranding trailer and hope to glean new information, you might be disappointed. Granted, the video provides the game’s basic premise for the uninitiated, but it is more concerned with showing evocative imagery —accentuated by a hauntingly beautiful song— to win the hearts and emotions of the audience.

Moreover, the trailer includes quite a few events taken out of context (and order) that will leave you with more questions than answers. What is the giant, decrepit whale that swims through the sky? Why is Mads Mikkelsen holding the baby pod in the beginning of the video?

The trailer doesn’t answer any of these questions, so you will have to play the game to find out.

Since Death Stranding comes out November 8th for the PlayStation 4 (early summer next year for PC), you won’t have to wait long to answer those nagging questions.

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