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New Solasta: Crown of the Magister Trailer Highlights Faithful D&D Gameplay & Gorgeous Fantasy World


New Solasta: Crown of the Magister Trailer Highlights Faithful D&D Gameplay & Gorgeous Fantasy World

Developer Tactical Adventures upcoming RPG Solasta: Crown of the Magister looks like a dream experience for Dungeons & Dragons fans. Its first gameplay trailer highlights exactly why previews are slating the game as potentially the ultimate digital translation of the iconic board game.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister introduced its presence earlier in the year a brilliant animated announcement trailer, but today’s gameplay reveal is timed with its launch on Kickstarter.

[UPDATE]: Kickstarter is now live, as is the game’s free demo.

The game’s features are broken down for us in a press release sent to Twinfinite:

  • Verticality: Solasta is a three-dimensional world, rather than a series of flat maps. Locations can be explored by climbing walls, flying, teleporting, crawling through tunnels, finding secret passages, or falling through unstable ground, allowing the player to use the environment to take on encounters in multiple different ways.
  • Team-Based Adventure: Players will have many options to choose races, classes, backgrounds, and can even roll for stats as they create their party. All members are essential – together you will adventure through Solasta as a group, where you must work together in pursuit of your quest.
  • Tactical CRPG: Each encounter can be handled in multiple ways. Will you use the high ground to strike your enemies from above as a Darkweaver Rogue, or shove your enemies into deep chasms as a Mountaineer Fighter? Your choices alone will determine the destiny of your party.
  • Light: Light will not only help to see your surroundings as you explore deep underground or in a dungeon. It can also be used as a weapon against dragons and creatures you encounter along your journey. Careful, though – light can also give away your position.
  • Created by Tabletop Players: Tactical Adventures is a team of highly experienced Tabletop players and veteran game developers who are passionate about the genre, striving to create the best Tactical RPG videogame

Solsta is based on Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition SRD (System Reference Document), but it is not an officially licensed game.

Mathieu Girard, founder of Tactical Adventures and Creative Director of the game comments:

“I have played tabletop games for more than 30 years and Solasta: Crown of the Magister is something that I have always wanted to create. I believe that there are many people like me who feel that the experience hasn’t been captured quite right in the video game space, and we are striving to do just that.”

He continues:

“With the playable demo, I want to show players that, with their help, it is possible to deliver a genuine dice and decision based tactical RPG and hope they share in our excitement.”

The gameplay trailer is below:

Tactical Adventures has also released a new trailer explaining some of the game’s lore:

In related news, it was recently revealed that Baldur’s Gate III would also be based on D&D’s fifth edition.

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