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Gears 5: Should You Save JD or Del? Answered (Spoilers)

Gears 5 Save JD or Del

Gears 5: Should You Save JD or Del? Answered (Spoilers)

Towards the very end of Gears 5, you’ll finally come face to face with the leader of the Swarm, and Delta Squad gets a bit of a battering. With her tentacles, she grabs Kait, JD, and Del and essentially has them all in a death grip. She then leaves Kait with a decision: to save JD or Del. If you’re unsure what to do, here’s whether to save JD or Del in Gears 5.

If it wasn’t abundantly clear by this point, this post is gonna have a bunch of spoilers in it. If you’ve reached this post by mistake, you might want to turn back now.

JD or Del – Who to Save in Gears 5

save JD or Del in Gears 5

The screen above will likely have been one you stared at for quite some time, but the first thing to note here is that you can’t just leave it forever.

There’s a time limit here for you to make a decision, with the crimson omen growing on your screen the longer you leave it. You’ll need to look at, and confirm with X who you want to save out of JD or Del. Whichever one you don’t look at and select, Reyna will basically snap the neck of.

Who you save in Gears 5 between JD or Del doesn’t have an impact on the gameplay for the remainder of the game, but it will obviously effect the narrative and the cutscenes that follow.

What Happens If You Save Del

Saving Del in Gears 5 will result in Kait eventually having to tell Marcus that his son has died, and she hands him JD’s COG tags. It’s a particularly heartfelt and emotional scene, especially considering Marcus also lost his wife, Anya, somewhat recently too.

What Happens If You Save JD

Saving JD in Gears 5 will lead to a bit of a similar cutscene. When Kait and JD are reunited with Marcus and co., JD will cry with Del’s COG tags in hand. Kait is understandably devastated, too, having lost her best friend within Delta Squad, and everyone’s understandably devastated.

Marcus hugs JD to console him for his loss, and right on cue, Fahz roles up ready to make some snarky comment, before picking up on the mood and quickly stops himself from saying anything else.

As such, who you should save between the two of your Delta Squad buddies ultimately depends on who you prefer and are closest to out of the remaining characters.

What JD or Del’s Death Means for Gears 6 Onwards

Leaving this decision to players looks certain to make the story for Gears 6 that little bit more complex whenever we it does arrive.

While some players may have chosen to save JD, others will choose to save Del, meaning that there’s no necessary right or wrong choice, or ‘canon’ option that the future narrative will follow.

As such, whether or not we’ll see more fresh faces in Gears 6 to make up Kait’s Delta squad remains to be seen. Alternatively, The Coalition might have a trick up its sleeve for how its going to get around this narrative issue in future iterations of the series, but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

That’s everything you need to know on whether to save JD or Del in Gears 5. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite, or check out our guide wiki.

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