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Gears 5: How to Beat Swarmaks


Gears 5: How to Beat Swarmaks

The Gears of War franchise has spawned countless murderous and monstrous foes, and Gears 5 is no exception. Here is how to beat Swarmaks in Gears 5.

How to Beat Swarmaks in Gears 5

Making their debut in Gears of War 4, the Swarmak is a devastating evolution of the Brumak that was a mainstay in early games in the series.

A mountain of muscle and high-caliber weaponry, the Swarmak is a towering foe the size of a building, with dual miniguns attached to the rest, and bears a rocket launcher on its broad back.

Due to the crystals that now cover many of the weak that the original Brumak had, The Swarmak must be defeated in a very specific way.

You will notice, on close inspection, that the Swarmak’s body is covered in large, pulsating blisters. To defeat the Swarmak, you need to take each of these out.

Any weapon will work, but if you are a good shot, the Longshot is great for taking them down, as they will destroy a blister with a single well-aimed round.

Of course, that is easier said than done, as you will need to time your attack within the very small windows in-between the Swarmaks attacks. Between both miniguns and the rocket launcher, not to mention any additional enemies in the area, you will need to pick your moment wisely.

To recap,

  1. Take cover

    The Swarmak will lay down a withering hail of fire, and your first priority is to protect yourself.

  2. Target the blisters

    Aim for the large pulsating pustules, they are primarily located on the beasts limbs. The Longshot is ideal for this, but any weapon will do in a pinch.

That’s it, everything you need to know to beat Swarmaks. Be sure to check out our guide wiki for more helpful articles to get you through Gears 5.

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