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Gears 5: Best Weapons to Use

gears 5 best weapons

Gears 5: Best Weapons to Use

Following on from Gears 4, The Coalition is back once again with the next installment in Kait’s story. Alongside the campaign, players also have Horde, Versus Multiplayer, and Escape to jump into. If you’re wondering what the best weapons in Gears 5 are, let us run you through them.

Best Weapons to Use in Gears 5


  • Lancer GL
  • Gnasher Shotgun
  • Longshot (Relic in Campaign)

By ‘standard weapons’ we basically mean anything that’s going to equip to either left or right on your d-pad. Anything that’s not a pistol you can stow away basically.

The Lancer GL is our top pick, namely because it replaces the iconic chainsaw bayonet with a grenade launcher that’s laser-guided and incredibly accurate. It packs the same punch in its normal fire as the original Lancer, with great accuracy and clip size to boot.

gears 5 best weapons

While the Overkill tries to nab the shotgun crown from the Gnasher, we’re still happy with the old familiar. The Gnasher is the go-to close-range weapon to use in Gears 5, with explosive damage, a solid clip size, and average reload time.

Rounding out our pick of the best guns in Gears 5 would be the Longshot. Simply put, you can’t beat this classic sniper, with an incredibly satisfying and powerful damage stat and insane accuracy. Plus, it’s ‘ready’ to fire far faster than the Torque Bow due to its charge-up time.


  • Boltok Pistol
  • Talon Pistol

There are only really two pistols that can be deemed good choices in Gears 5, and we’ve gone for the Boltok Pistol and Talon Pistol.

Not a whole lot needs to be said about the Boltok Pistol to those who are familiar with it from past games in the series. It packs a serious punch, has a fairly large clip size, and you can even zoom in with it for a more accurate shot.

As for the Talon Pistol, this is the new automatic / machine pistol in Gears 5 that’s great to use in short bursts to keep smaller enemies at bay. Its insane fire rate also makes it great for dishing out damage to enemies at close-range as a last ditch attempt.

Heavy Weapons

  • RL-4 Salvo
  • Tri-Shot

The heavy weapons section is anything that the Gears can pick up, but can’t necessarily stow away on their person. For our top picks for these in Gears 5, we’ve gone for the RL-4 Salvo and the Tri-Shot.

The Salvo is essentially just a giant missile launcher that can wipe out the Swarm (or your online opponents) with a single shot.

It also fires these off in quick succession, meaning you can send a barrage of explosives in the direction of your target before quickly changing weapon and taking down another enemy.

Meanwhile, the Tri-Shot is essentially a chaingun that usually comes equipped to a DR-1 or the Guardians that fly around. It’s great for crowd control moments, or just for laying down suppressive fire from behind cover if you need to keep the enemy at bay.

It’s always worth noting, though, that heavy weapons only have a finite amount of ammo available to them which cannot be refilled by picking up ammo supplies. Instead, you’ll just drop the weapon when you’re out of ammo, so use it sparingly.

What About Gears 5’s Relic Weapons?

While the Relic Weapon variants would certainly replace some of the original counterparts in the list above, these are only limited to Gears 5’s campaign, and also can only be found once.

As such, we’ve chosen to leave Relic Weapons out of our picks for best weapons in Gears 5 for now, but we may update this post in the future to reflect their prowess on the battlefield.

And those are our picks for the best weapons to use in Gears 5. Be sure to check our Gears 5 guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and guides on the game.

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