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Gears 5: How to Beat Wardens

gears 5 wardens

Gears 5: How to Beat Wardens

One of the new enemy types you’ll come up against when gunning down the Swarm in Gears 5 are Wardens. These formidable, melee-only enemies are covered in tough skin and a helmet that makes them almost immune to incoming fire. Here’s how to beat Wardens in Gears 5.

Beating Wardens in Gears 5

When you first come up against a Warden in Gears 5, chances are you’ll be wondering just how you’re supposed to deal damage to them. Body shots aren’t going to do any damage to these beasts, so simply focus on aiming for the head.

We found that landing a frag grenade right at the feet of a Warden was enough to blow its helmet clean off, leaving you a mushy, exposed area to focus your fire on to deal damage.

If you don’t have a frag grenade, though, plenty of headshots with any of your weapons will be enough to eventually knock the helmet off.

As soon as you’ve got the helmet off, just make sure you’re focusing all of your fire on the head. Any frag grenades you have can still come in useful here, but a Longshot, Boomshot, or any other power weapon for that matter will rinse through a Warden’s health in no time.

Tips to Beat a Warden Fast & Easy

Down below, we’ve broken down what we’ve said above (as well as some other tidbits), into a handy step-by-step guide on how to beat a Warden in Gears 5.

Beating Wardens in Gears 5

  1. Aim for the Head

    Whether you’re still trying to get the helmet off, or it’s already gone, aiming for the head is the only place you want to aim for.

  2. Power Weapons Are Key

    Anything like a Longshot, Boomshot, Dropshot and so on are perfect for rinsing through a Warden’s health in Gears 5, as long as you’re aiming for the head, that is.

  3. Mark Wardens for Teammates

    Aim down your sights with LT and then click in the left analog stick (L3) when looking at a Warden. This will put a red marker above their head, indicating it’s been marked for your teammates. They will now concentrate fire on this enemy rather than any others.

  4. Use Jack’s Abilities

    Jack has a bunch of offensive and defensive abilities that’ll make combat in Gears 5 a lot easier. Use these to your advantage when taking on Wardens. His Flash and Shock Trap abilities were two of our personal favorites for making the Warden a sitting duck.

  5. Keep Your Distance

    The Warden is melee-focused, with a huge sword of sorts that’ll rinse through your health in no time. They also have some ground pound attacks that you’ll need to watch out for. In short, just keep your distance at all times.

That’s everything you need to know on how to beat Wardens in Gears 5. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite or check out our ever-expanding guide wiki. We have also listed some other helpful guides down below.

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