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Destiny 2: How to Get and Complete All Exotic Quests


Destiny 2: How to Get and Complete All Exotic Quests

How to Get and Complete All Exotic Quests in Destiny 2

Vanilla Destiny 2 –  Sturm

Looking for Destiny 2 exotic quests? We have all of them right here. If you’re looking for a specific one, we have all the Vanilla Destiny 2 quests on page 1, Warmind on page 2, and Forsaken on page 3.

Sturm is a powerful hand cannon that happens to be one of Destiny 2’s new exotic sets (an exotic/legendary combination that provides added perks). It’s also one of the few weapons locked behind a quest that you must complete if you want to nab it for yourself.

The first thing you will need to do is beat the story. This unlocks world quests on each of the planets, including one called “O Captain” on Nessus. Complete that quest, and its follow-up “My Captain,” to be given the Drang legendary sidearm and a piece of paper for Master Rahool. Take the paper to Rahool to begin the Relics of the Golden Age exotic quest.

The first part of the quest can be time-consuming. You must complete the following objectives:

  • Decrypt five legendary engrams (leveling up vendors counts).
  • Decrypt one exotic engram
  • Kill 10 Fallen on Nessus using Drang.

After completing that, return to Master Rahool and he’ll give you a note for Tyra Karn on the Farm. Go to her to get your next set of objectives:

  • Get 10 Fallen multi-kills on Nessus with Drang (kill at least three enemies without reloading for it to count. Doesn’t have to be fast).
  • Defeat 10 Fallen Majors with Drang on Nessus.

Afterwards, return to Tyra Karn and she’ll give you the final step. Head into the Exodus Crash strike and look for a servitor called Kendricks-7 and kill it. After that, simply return to Tyra Karn and collect your Sturm exotic hand cannon in Destiny 2.

How to Get and Complete All Exotic Quests in Destiny 2

Vanilla Destiny 2 – MIDA Multi-Tool

The MIDA Multi-Tool was a very well-liked weapon in the first Destiny… at least it was well-liked by those who used it. Anyone caught on the business end of this potent scout rifle often found themselves staring at their ghost since they were just quickly killed. Thanks to an exotic quest, you can get this weapon again in Destiny 2.

First, as is the case with all exotic quests in Destiny 2, you must beat the story. After that, get as close as you can to 260 Power Level and head on over to the EDZ to do the “Enhance” quest. You’ll have to track down some Fallen but it’s not a tough quest. At the end, Devrim Kay will give you the MIDA Mini-Tool, a legendary submachine gun that pairs with the MIDA Multi-Tool.

When you’re all done with Devrim on Earth, head to the Tower and talk to Banshee-44. He’ll have a quest for you called “Sigh, Shoot, Repeat.” It’s not challenging or anything, just a bit time-consuming. The first step requires you to:

  • Kill 50 enemies using precision shots from a scout rifle.
  • Get 25 multi-kills with a scout rifle. (Kill 3 or more enemies without reloading).

The following step after completing the above objectives is called “Under the Hood.” For that one, you’ll have to dismantle five rare or legendary scout rifles. Once done you’ll have one more step, “The Fall Will Kill You.” Simply get 50 submachine gun kills while you’re in the air.

When all is done, go back to Banshee and claim your shiny new MIDA Multi-Tool to finish off another of Destiny 2’s exotic quests.

How to Get and Complete All Exotic Quests in Destiny 2

Vanilla Destiny 2 – Rat King

The Rat King is an interesting exotic hand cannon in Destiny 2 that rewards fireteams that have multiple wielders of the weapon. Of course, that means its exotic quest requires multiple people as well, so let’s get started.

First, of course, beat the story. After that, head to Titan and Talk to Sloane for the “Enemy of My Enemy” quest. You’ll need to hunt down this Fallen Captain. Don’t worry, you’ll be guided through the whole thing, and it’s not difficult at all. When done you’ll get an item and quest called “Rat King’s Crew.” The quest consists of four riddles which each depict challenges that increase in difficulty. Also, you must do the quest with other rats. So either play with at least one other who has the quest, or a player who already has the weapon.

  • Riddle One Solution: Complete three patrols with your fireteam.
  • Riddle Two Solution: Complete two public events with your fireteam.
  • Riddle Three Solution: Win two Crucible matches with your fireteam.
  • Riddle Four: Complete a Nightfall Strike with five minutes or more left on the clock.

This quest can also be randomly triggered at the end of a Strike it seems. While running Strike playlist, some players have gotten the Rat King’s Crew item to appear as a reward.

How to Get and Complete All Exotic Quests in Destiny 2

Vanilla Destiny 2 – Legend of Acrius

After completing the game and you continue to explore the world of Destiny 2, you will get a mysterious item randomly in your Power Slot. The item tasks the player with heading to Nessus and collecting some items from Cabal. Once that’s done, you get the next, mysterious step: Await the World-Eater. The step comes with the following text:

The decrypted communications indicate something is coming. Look for the arrival of the “World-Eater.”

Now that the Leviathan raid is live, the Await the World Eater Step becomes Destroyer of Worlds which simply requires that you complete the raid. After that, it’s time to take on a very tough version of the Arms Dealer Striker. It’s pretty much a Prestige Nightfall with only 7 minutes to start. You must destroy anomalies that appear in order to get more time. When you beat the strike you’ll actually get the weapon, though it will only have a single perk, you’ll need to complete some more steps to have the full weapon.

Back to the Bazaar is the next step in the quest to acquire the Legend of Acrius, and it requires to speak to Benedict 99-40 who has a few objectives for you:

  • Kill 25 Cabal
  • Kill 15 Cabal at Close Range
  • Get 10 multi-kills on Cabal with the Legend of Acrius. Since the weapon only carries one slug in the magazine, you’ll have to work at grouping them up.

When you’re all done, return to Benedict 99-40. The next step is His Highness’s Seal. You must eliminate bosses and complete the Leviathan raid to earn 10 Emperor Seals.

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