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Death Stranding Goes Gold, Hideo Kojima Announces

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Death Stranding Goes Gold, Hideo Kojima Announces

Hideo Kojima has announced today that Death Stranding has gone gold, which is an industry term for a game reaching a completed state that’s ready for print on CD.

The developer Tweeted today:

“DEATH STRANDING is complete and has gone gold!! Hideo Kojima, the Kojima Productions team, everyone at Sony and Guerrilla, cast members; all put their heart and soul into it. Thanks for your support, we can’t wait to bring you a new “A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME”. Play it on Nov 8th!!”

Here are some images of Kojima and his team celebrating:

Of course, “going gold” doesn’t mean quite as much as it used to in the old days; before online connectivity allowed developers to patch in gameplay fixes, commiting to CD print was a huge deal.

Not so much now. I’ll put money on it that Death Stranding is updated at least once from the version that’s on that disk before you get your hands on it.

Still, what it does mean is that the game is almost certainly going to hit its Nov. 8 release date. There’s no going back now! It’s actually quite a remarkable achievement Death Stranding has been made so quickly.

Three years really is quite a quick turn around for a big AAA project such as this, especially from Hideo Kojima, a developer who isn’t known for rushing games out the door.

Last week, Kojima issued a thank you message to everybody that has supported the development of Death Stranding.

During Sony’s PlayStation State of Play broadcast earlier this week, a limited edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro console was announced. It has a baby in the controller.

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