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Check Out 6 Minutes of New Gameplay From The Last of Us Part II

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Check Out 6 Minutes of New Gameplay From The Last of Us Part II

New gameplay for the eagerly anticipated the Last of Us Part II has been released. It was captured during the preview event Naughty Dog held to commemorate Outbreak Day, a significant date in the game’s lore.

The video comes to us via PlayStation Access, and details seven things that have changed from the original 2013 release, ranging from mechanics, traversal and map design, to enemy types, AI and the tactics they will employ.

As The Last of Us Part II is a tale of revenge and the destructive cycles of violence that entails, Naughty Dog has endeavored to make the killing of faceless bandits more impactful. Enemies will now call out to each other by name, and react to the deaths of their comrades appropriately.

Heartbreakingly, this will also apply to a new enemy type: dogs. Dogs will be able to sniff out Ellie’s hiding place and are a major threat to be dealt with. Killing the dog will cause the handler to react, and likewise, faithful dogs will mourn the loss of their owner.

Dogs can follow a scent trail that Ellie will leave behind, and lead enemies to her position, making them a high priority target. They can also delay Ellie, allowing any pursuing handlers time to catch up.

Also shown was a new type of infected enemie: The Shambler. A hulking, armored variant of Clicker, they are immune to stealth melee attacks and emit a cloud of acidic fungal gas, meaning you are going to want to deal with these frightening foes from range.

Its been a big week of news for the Last of us, with the release date having been revealed during Sony’s State of Play stream.

Be sure to check out our feature analyzing the trailer that was shown there.

It was also confirmed that the Last of Us Part II will not feature a multiplayer component.

Check out the video below to see the changes for yourself.

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