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The Last of Us Part II Won’t Feature any Multiplayer, Naughty Dog Confirms

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The Last of Us Part II Won’t Feature any Multiplayer, Naughty Dog Confirms

It turns out The Last of Us Part II won’t feature any multiplayer, despite last year’s reports that it would.

Speaking with US Gamer at a press event earlier this week, Naughty Dog Lead Game Designer Emilia Schatz said:

“We’re focusing on a single-player experience, so we’re just making a single-player game for this.”

This was later clarified during a subsequent email with a Sony representative, who responded “Correct, it is a single-player game.”

Strangely, this is in complete contrast to what media outlets were told last year by co-directors Kurt Margenau and Anthony Newman, who had insisted that multiplayer would definitely be returning.

While The Last of Us is best remembered as a superb story-driven, single-player experience, its Factions multiplayer mode had a pretty substantial following, too. Today’s news is, therefore, likely to ruffle some feathers amongst a contingent of fans eagerly awaiting its return in the sequel.

Naughty Dog revealed earlier this week during Sony’s State of Play broadcast that The Last of Us Part II would be launching exclusively on PS4 early next year, Feb. 21. The news came by way of a new story trailer that revealed a returning fan-favorite character.

The game’s various editions were also later revealed.

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