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Borderlands 3: Life of The Party Guide

Life of The Party

Borderlands 3: Life of The Party Guide

Borderlands 3 is packed with secrets to uncover and loot to find. Plenty of Vault Hunters all over have joined the fight. Here’s the side mission Life of The Party guide in Borderlands 3.

Life of The Party Guide for Borderlands 3

In order to start this side quest you will need to have opened up the Boomtown section of Pandora. This happens quite a bit into the main story of Borderlands 3.

After you’ve unlocked Boomtown the character Mordecai will ask you to attend a little girl’s birthday party. It starts off as a fetch quest having to gather some flowers for the girl.

Just follow your marker and you’ll find the flowers around. After that you’ll learn that the girl was killed by Varkids while Mordecai was off-planet, which is a sad twist to this story.

After learning this the girl’s father will ask you to make up for it by celebrating her birthday trying to break her various records in a few different events.

These events include eating cake, grenade throwing, and Raak shooting.

The trick here is not to beat the record, but come close and just falling short. This will make the father feel better about his grief over his daughter. He will give you a legendary weapon as a reward for doing this.

You can of course beat the records to still get the gun, but this will anger both Mordecai and the father, and that just feels bad.

So to recap the Life of The Party mission:

  1. Unlock Boomtown

    You need to progress through the main story to unlock Boomtown in Pandora

  2. Attend the Party

    Listen to Mordecai and attend the girl’s party, but first, you’ll need to collect some flowers.

  3. Beat or Don’t Beat the Girl’s Records

    Complete the various activities for the girl’s father you can either come close to beating them or beat them, thus angering Mordecai and the father.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about the Life of The Party side mission in Borderlands 3. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out our extensive and ever growing Wiki Guide.

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