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Borderlands 3: How to Upgrade Backpack Space & Carry More Inventory

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Borderlands 3: How to Upgrade Backpack Space & Carry More Inventory

Borderlands 3 is perhaps unmatched when it comes to sheer quantity of loot. There’s just a comical amount of possible weapons, grenades, shields, etc. to pick up. Shockingly though, your backpack can only only hold an extremely limited slots at first, 15. Here’s how to upgrade your backpack space to carry more stuff.

How to Get More Backpack Space in Borderlands 3

Like we mentioned above, your backpack is initially very limited in space. You’ll definitely want to upgrade it sooner rather than later so you’re not constantly having to drop and sell everything in your inventory. The more time you’re spending killing and looting out of the menu the better.

Fortunately, unlike the equippable weapon slots, you can start upgrading your backpack space pretty soon after Borderlands 3’s opening missions without having to wait, provided you have some cash.

You do need to at least progress far enough to have reached your space ship after the Taking Flight mission, which happens after you’ve concluded your business on Pandora. This doesn’t take long, you’ll probably reach this point after level seven or eight at the most unless you’re doing all the side missions.

Once you’ve reached the ship, the main quest will eventually direct you to assist Marcus by putting out some fires. They are marked on your map and you’ll need to shoot the valves above each fire to release the water to put them out.

After that, you’ll need to return to Marcus’ space on the ship. In his room, you’ll see a large screen with all kinds of SDUs for sale. These SDUs, when purchased with cash, will allow you to upgrade storage on a lot of things such as ammo and… backpack space!

Simply select and upgrade the backpack space SDU to add three slots to your maximum inventory. Easy peasy. The cost goes up every time though, so just keep that in mind before you start spending all your cash and make sure you’re looting everything you can find to keep those cash reserves high.

That’s all you need to know for how to upgrade backpack space in Borderlands 3. For more tips and tricks be sure to visit our wiki guide. It contains helpful stuff such as how to respec your character, upgrade your skills and actions skills, and how to unlock new game plus.

In sum, to upgrade your backpack space you must complete the following steps:

  1. Progress in the main campaign far enough to have unlocked your ship.

  2. Continue the main quest until you’re promoted to help Marcus put the fires out.

  3. Once you return to Marcus’ room, in that area you’ll see the SDU upgrade screen where you can purchase backpack upgrade space.

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