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Borderlands 3: How to Use Alt Fire

Borderlands 3, How to Use Alt Fire

Borderlands 3: How to Use Alt Fire

There are an absurd amount of guns to choose from in Borderlands 3, and a decent number of them have the added bonus of an Alt Fire option. That’s why we’re here to explain how to use Alt Fire in Borderlands 3.

How to Use Alt Fire in Borderlands 3

As you make your way through Borderlands 3, you’re likely to come across weapons with an Alt Fire option. This function allows for the use of different ammo types such as rockets or explosives, and can add an extra layer of offensive capability to your load-out of choice.

Using it is simple too: All you need to do is press down on the d-pad on both PlayStation 4 and on Xbox One. This will trigger the weapon’s Alt Fire, and you can use it as many times as you like so long as you have the appropriate ammo.

When to Use Alt Fire

There are, however, better situations to use your Alt Fire than others.

For example, if you have a weapon with an Alt Fire that utilizes rockets, you’d be better served saving them for a situation demanding crowd control or a particularly difficult adversary, as opposed to firing it off at whatever Psycho crosses your path.

This will ensure you aren’t caught in a difficult situation unawares, and that you don’t use up valuable ammo you’d have trouble coming across otherwise.

Likewise, when you do use your Alt Fire, be aware of how quickly or slowly it fires off and reloads. Failing to understand the proper timing behind these mechanics can leave you in a pinch, turning what could be a boon into the mistake that seals your fate.

That should cover everything there is to know about how to how to use Alt Fire. For more on Borderlands 3, check out the game’s launch trailer as well as our feature on why Flak is one of the more versatile Vault Hunters to be added to the series.

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