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Red Dead Online’s Upcoming Update to Introduce Specialized Professions

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online’s Upcoming Update to Introduce Specialized Professions

Earlier today, Rockstar Games announced that new player customization options are “coming soon” to Red Dead Online. These options, which take the form of professions, will cater to different types of players.

If you’re the kind of cowboy or cowgirl who shoots first and asks questions never, the Bounty Hunter is the life for you. This profession lets players track outlaws —including other players with substantial bounties on their heads— and either capture or kill them for a reward. As players progress down this line of work, they will unlock special tools of the trade, including a reinforced lasso, the ability to use Eagle-Eye while sprinting, and some gun-spinning tricks that channel their inner Clint Eastwood.

If you’d rather hunt animals and sell their hides for large profits, you might want to try the Trader profession. The most social (and sociable) of Red Dead Online’s professions, Traders can set up camps with weapons lockers and stew pots, as well as train trusty canine companions to watch out for danger. And, since the Trader is all about turning rare and pristine hides into money, players will be able to upgrade their satchels to carry more items and drive a hunting wagon to ship more furs.

Players who would rather brave the wilds in search of gold, jewels, and other valuables might be interested in the Collector profession. While not as glorious a job as hunting wild animals or criminals, the life of the Collector is just as profitable. Plus, they get quite a few special items, such as refined binoculars, a horse lantern, and an ever-useful metal detector.

If more than one of these professions speak to you, don’t worry. Picking one profession in Red Dead Online doesn’t lock players out of others, so they can become specialists or jacks of all trades.

Moreover, professions aren’t the only changes Rockstar has in store for Red Dead Online. The studio is planning quite a few improvements to combat and movement, including increased damage reduction for defensive players. Gamers can also expect more lootable items in the near future, including a rare gold tooth here and there.

Rockstar Games isn’t ready to reveal the release dates of these improvements, so stick with Twinfinite as the updates draw ever closer.

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