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Red Dead Online Update Adds New Modes and Bonuses

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Update Adds New Modes and Bonuses

Rockstar detailed the latest update for Red Dead Online, the multiplayer component for Red Dead Redemption 2, with new modes and content available now.

The first new mode is a Free Roam Event called Wild Animal Kills Challenge, where players hunt animals for points. Taking down bigger animals earn more points, and attacking other players is disabled.

The other mode is Head for the Hills, a Showdown Mode where one team has to quickly run to their safe house while the other team must take them down. Rockstar said it plans to add two more modes over the next two weeks, Public Enemy and Sport of Kings, and will detail them in the future.

New clothing in the update include the Flora Corseted Chemise, Paddon Shirt, Plaid Cap, Shaffer Chaps, and Racoon Hat. Players who enable or have enabled 2-Step Verification on their Social Club accounts will receive an “exclusive tint” for the Racoon Hat, alongside 10 Gold Bars for Red Dead Online and $500,000 in GTA Online.

New Red Dead Online players will receive bonus money for completing Honor Among Horse Thieves and Kill Them, Each and Every One, and 10 Gold Bars for completing Destroyed by Grief. All players this week can also pick up a care package of various tonics and revolver ammo from the Camp Lockbox or Post Office.

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