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New Blair Witch Trailer Shows off Stunning 4K Visuals

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New Blair Witch Trailer Shows off Stunning 4K Visuals

The developers of the new Blair Witch game, Bloober Team, released a new trailer on for their game on YouTube this morning. The video showcases the unbelievably beautiful visuals of this new title in full 4K. Of course, YouTube’s compression always takes video quality down a few notches, but this trailer still looked fantastic.

The sequence of shots begins in the forest around midday along with an ominous soundtrack and some ambient sound of woodpeckers and other birds in the distance. This first shot also shows off impressive god rays that paint tree trunks and sink down to the canopy-shaded forest floor.

The next couple of shots show off how fantastic the water looks and flows. The motion of the running river closely mimics true water movement with each obstruction in the stream properly affecting the flow in ways you would expect it to. It flows around these impedances but also splashes onto them because of the speed of the flowing water.

Dusk turns the setting into an almost other-worldly scene. A few patches of fog also help to set a feeling of impending dread. The foreboding weather combined with the gnarled tree branches and roots of the forest trees looks equally beautiful and unsettling.

We also get a couple of shots that show off the lighting in the dark of night. The first shows off a lamp on a minecart illuminating a grassy patch and some rails. This stillness of the grass in this shot is a bit eerie, but this scene displays some impressive illumination and depth of field not seen in the god rays clip.

A few more shots show off the lighting features with a handful of Blair Witch symbols hanging from trees in the foreground and flashes of lightning illuminating the dark forest. This scene also displays how they can make lightning appear as being right above the player or off in the distance with alternating bursts of light in the foreground and background.

They close out the trailer with a few spooky indoor shots that further exemplify how great the lighting in this game will look. These shots display how a flickering lightbulb and a flickering candle both have completely different ways of dispersing light around a room.

There’s no telling if the footage in this trailer comes from the PC or Xbox One X, but it’s at least an indicator of what you can expect from the visuals in Blair Witch.

This new 4K footage certainly looks impressive and if you want to get your hands on Blair Witch, then you can pick it up for Xbox or PC on Aug. 30, 2019.

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