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Cross Save for Destiny 2 Coming Later This Month


Cross Save for Destiny 2 Coming Later This Month

Today Bungie revealed via Destiny’s official Twitter that long-awaited cross save feature will be live starting on Aug. 21. This will work exactly as you think it would. Cross save will allow players to carry over their progress to any platform that they own a copy of Destiny 2 on.

So in other words if you prefer playing on PS4 or Xbox One with your friends, but want to carry that progress over to the PC version when you’re playing solo, that will be possible starting Aug 21. This will also work for the Stadia version of Destiny 2 once it is eventually released.

The way it works is that you’ll pick one Destiny player account that will become your “Active Account” and that will be accessible anywhere you want to play. Whether it’s milestones or clan progress, your progress will carry over but some things such as merging separate accounts together or having more than one active account will not be possible.

Another important note worth pointing out is that premium currency, AKA Silver, does not carry over and will remain tied to the platform that you originally bought the currency on, and will need to be spent while playing on that platform.

The addition of cross save to Destiny 2 is part of a larger plan of moving Destiny into a new direction that is more in Bungie’s image, than the series’ former publisher Activision.

A lot of what Bungie has been cooking for Destiny 2 since the split will be featured in the next expansion, Shadowkeep, releasing on Oct. 1.

Shadowkeep will bring players back to the Moon for the first time since Destiny 1, and will see players go up against “nightmare” version of old foes that were believe to be long gone at this point.

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