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Control: How to Melee

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Control: How to Melee

Control is the latest third-person action game developed by Remedy Games and Sam Lake, who created Alan Wake and Quantum Break. Here’s how to use melee attacks in Control.

How to Use Melee Attacks in Control

While the Service Weapon is a great gun that Jesse has at her disposal, and her psychic powers are usually more than enough to keep your enemies at bay, you may find yourself in situations where you need to rely on your good ol’ melee attacks as well.

Melee attacks in Control are pretty strong in that they can stun an enemy momentarily, even if they might not do all that much damage at all.

To perform a melee attack in the game, all you need to do is hit the triangle button. If you’re on Xbox One, you’ll want to press the Y button instead.

Doing so will allow you to hit a nearby enemy and stun them very briefly, and this gives you an opening to do even more damage with the rest of your arsenal.

As you progress through the story, you’ll eventually gain access to the hotline phone, which allows you to upgrade your melee attack.

This will make the attack even more effective in combat situations, so it’s definitely recommended that you look into that when you can.

To sum up, here’s how to perform a melee attack in the game:

  1. Press the triangle or Y button

    This lets you hit a nearby enemy.

  2. Acquire the hotline phone for access to upgrades

    This lets you power up your melee attack.

That’s all you need to know about how to use melee attacks in Control. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our Control guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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