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Control: How to Dodge & Evade

remedy's control, how to dodge and evade

Control: How to Dodge & Evade

Remedy’s Control is a brand-new action game coming from the team who created cult classics like Alan Wake and Quantum Break. If you’re wondering how to dodge & evade in Control, we got you covered.

How to Dodge and Evade in Control

Considering that you’ll be facing tons of tough enemies in Control, learning how to dodge and evade in the game will be very important if you plan on not dying every two minutes.

In order to evade in the game, you will first have to unlock the skill by completing a side mission called “A Merry Chase.” This quest will become available while you’re searching for Ahti in the Directorial Override mission.

Just head to the blinking red light in the break room near the Janitor’s Office and you will be taken to the astral plane where you will have to overcome several trials. None of them are too tough, just dodge the fire and make the jumps. Once that’s completed, you will have the new skill.

To use the skill, you just have to press the Circle (PS4) or B button (XB1). You can also use this power to clear large gaps by using it in the air after you press the jump button, which is X (PS4) or A (XB1). Here’s a handy table to help you out to s

PS4Circle Button
Xbox One B Button

So to sum everything up, here’s how to dodge and evade in Control.

  1. To get the skill, complete a mission titled “A Merry Chase.”

    This will unlock the evade ability.

  2. Press the Circle (PS4) or B button (XB1) to use it.

    You can also use this in the air to fly across gaps by jumping first with X (PS4) or A (XB1) and then hitting the Circle or B button.

And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about how to dodge & evade in Control. For more on the supernatural action game, do be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide on the game right here.

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