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Control: How to Crouch & Get Behind Cover

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Control: How to Crouch & Get Behind Cover

Control is a game that begs to be played at fast speeds. It’s usually not in your best interest to spend a ton of time in one place. However, sometimes you’ll need a breather to get your bearings, or to hide out while you plan your next move. Here’s how to crouch and use cover in Control.

How to Crouch and Use Cover in Control

Control is not a cover-based game despite sharing the same genre with the likes of Gears of War. In fact, you can’t actually stick to cover at all in Control. Like we mentioned above, the combat isn’t really designed for it.

However, you can crouch at will by pressing the right analog stick in. This will drop you down to a low crouch that you can still walk/run from (albeit more slowly).

Crouching doesn’t do a whole lot though if you don’t have any cover to use. Control isn’t a stealth game so dropping into a slower more concealed position doesn’t really have a benefit.

So crouch only when there’s some cover that will protect your entire body while crouched.

PS4Right Analog Stick AKA R3
Xbox OneRight Analog Stick

This is useful in a couple of situations. If you enter a new room, realize you’re being attacked and don’t know where the enemies are, it’s useful to crouch behind cover and get your bearings of what the heck is going on.

If you’re close to dying, get behind cover and try to safely pick off enemies and/or get to some health elements.

If you have Shield, you can plan out a path to get you closer to health elements from cover and then use Shield to safely reach them.

That’s all you need to know about how to crouch and use cover in Control. Be sure to check our wiki guide for more tips, tricks and FAQs answered.

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