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Sense Publisher Clarifies PS Vita “Cut-Off” Statement; New Gameplay Revealed


Sense Publisher Clarifies PS Vita “Cut-Off” Statement; New Gameplay Revealed

Sense – 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story developer Suzaku and publisher Top Hat Studios provided a few updates on the upcoming game.

A few days ago Suzaku announced a delay for the game to early 2020, also adding that the PS Vita version would still make the “cut-off.”

As it always happens, some media outlets took it way too literally and posted several “news” articles alleging that Sony Interactive Entertainment had imposed an actual official cut-off date for developers to release games on the platform.

Turns out that isn’t the case, as clarified by Top Hat Studios in a new post on the game’s Kickstarter page. The mention of a “cut-off” simply meant that there’s going to logically be a limit for the PS Vita’s life cycle as a whole, not that Sony has actually provided developers with a solid deadline.

“We were recently talking to the developer prior to the last update, and we were discussing the vita port, to which we wanted to just make sure everything would be alright, since understandably a large part of the game’s fanbase and success is thanks to the awesome Vita and collector community. While there is not technically a “cut-off” (explicitly) from Sony which we were told or anything, we told the Sense team to be careful about postponing their development too far back into 2020 (although as stated prior, the game should be ready in early 2020, but just in case from a discussion point of view), because given the SIE CEO’s past comments on Vita (which referenced a 2020 cut-off date), combined with the fact that Vita system production is over and general support is decreasing now (the transition out of system’s lifespan by Sony has been more than apparent), such might lead to possible hazards or roadblocks.

We know there is no explicit cut-off date at the moment (and things are still fine in Asian regions as well, to our understanding from what we’ve received off our production partners who will be printing our physicals in that region), but we wanted to be sure that there would not be any possible issues with development that could prevent us from fulfilling promises to our fans.

We try to think ahead with these things, and want to be ahead of the curve so while there isn’t an explicit, officially sanctioned “cut-off” point yet, the totality of the situation – with Sony discontinuing console production, winding down cart production and SIE’s CEO stating support will not be beyond 2020 – essentially indicates that for all intents and purposes, there will be a limit and deadline of sorts for the Vita’s lifecycle as a whole in 2020. This is what our statement of a “cut-off” referred to, and believed it would be inferred easily from others who closely follow the Vita as a whole.

We apologise for the confusion that’s ensued due to the misunderstandings and misinterpretation of our above terminology. However, we promise everything is going well with development, and just wanted fans to know that the port and vita development was all going as intended, and that there wouldn’t be any reason to worry about its trajectory, given that we’ve received questions on this in the past.”

Now that the clarification is out of the way, today Suzaku posted an update on Twitter showcasing some new gameplay, which incidentally also shows some guest characters, while announcing that the Steam page for Sense is going to go up tomorrow.

You can watch it below.

Sense – 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story is coming to PC, PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, and possibly Xbox One in early 2020.

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