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Cyberpunk Game Sense Could Come to Xbox on top of PS4, PS Vita, PC, & Switch; Now Coming Early 2020


Cyberpunk Game Sense Could Come to Xbox on top of PS4, PS Vita, PC, & Switch; Now Coming Early 2020

Today developer Suzaku posted an update for its upcoming cyberpunk horror game Sense – 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story which was greenlit through a successful Kickstarter campaign last year.

First of all, we hear that the Steam page for the game will be live as soon as Valve approves it and a new demo will be made available at the same time.

We also learn more about the new demo, alongside a few screenshots which you can see at the bottom of the post.

“The new demo has many awesome features and additions that were not included in the previous backer build, and is nearly an entirely different game than the original demo from a year ago. While the locations haven’t changed, we feel like the atmosphere, presentation, and gameplay has been brought up to a (nearly) finalized quality. Take a look below!”

The hiding spot mechanic has been turned into a minigame to add tension to the game, the inventory system has been overhauled, a Journal menu has been implemented alongside a new location.

Speaking of the release date, it has been pushed back to early 2020 for the following reasons:

“A. The game is the most polished and ready for market that we can possibly get it. a few more months allows for more testing and fixing so that the final release is indeed, final.

B. With (A.) in mind, we want to make sure that the game is 100% complete all at once, to avoid needing to release the additional chapters separately and the physical copies at a far later date than the digital. We want everyone to be able to play ENTIRE the game the SAME day.”

That being said, development is “going well” and it’s simply a matter of wanting to deliver the best game possible. As far as the developers are aware this will not affect the PS Vita release. The game is still going to make the cut-off, and could actually be one of the last titles released on the platform.

Interestingly, we get news on the Xbox front:

“After Microsoft’s fantastic showing at E3 this year, and with another key console manufacturer’s, err, recent shift in policy we began to talk seriously behind the scenes about an Xbox One (and maybe upcoming Xbox console? Depending on their third party process) release. While we aren’t too sure about physicals for the platform, we wanted to announce that we are now officially working towards an Xbox One digital release! While we don’t want to promise anything egregious yet, if we get the approval from Microsoft (which we’re in the midst of), we’ll happily be bringing Sense to the platform!

Consider this a confirmation that we are investigating development stuff now and planning to make it happen, hopefully we have some good news on that front soon!”

Last, but not least, “more than likely good news” on the Nintendo Switch front are going to come soon.

Besides the platforms mentioned above, Sense – 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story is also coming to PS4 and PC. Earlier this year we heard about a cameo appearance of Naomi “SexyCyborg” Wu.

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