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New FIFA 20 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Set-Piece Refresh and Composed Finishing

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New FIFA 20 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Set-Piece Refresh and Composed Finishing

EA Sports has released a trailer that shows off the new gameplay features that are coming to FIFA 20. There’s not much new information beyond what was revealed at EA Play back in June, but it has given us more of an idea about what the changes look like in action.

Most of EA’s efforts to improve gameplay for next season’s game revolve around fan complaints about FIFA 19. Changes are being made to the effectiveness of one-on-one and long range finishing, positively and negatively respectively, how likely a defender is to come away with the ball after a tackle, and the variety of set-pieces.

The full list of changes shown off in the trailer and planned for FIFA 20 includes:

  • Set-Piece Refresh – You’re now able to be more precise with all set-pieces, choosing where you aim and altering the spin on the ball more dramatically than before.
  • Strafe Dribbling – Allows you to be more agile in attack, luring the defender in to beat them with skill moves.
  • Controlled Tackling – Active Touch Tackling new defending animations make manual defending more rewarding.
  • Composed Finishing – Attackers are more clinical when shooting one-on-one. Volleys and long-shots aren’t as effective.
  • AI-Defending Overhaul – While tackling should be more effective in FIFA 20, AI players will help recover the ball due to “an overhauled positioning and tackling system.”
  • Natural Player Motion – Players should move and position themselves more realistically in all areas of the pitch.
  • Football-Informed Motion – Realistic ball movement with more authentic spins and bounces.
  • New Shot Trajectories – Curling shots. Dipping free kicks. Knuckleballs. First-time rising strikes are all made possible by the new Ball Motion System.

You can see more detail on all the new features on EA Sports’ website.

While there’s little detail here that wasn’t already revealed when FIFA 20 was first announced, EA Sports’ Community Global Franchise Lead, Corey Andress, has tweeted that “A new #PitchNotes article will be dropping later today as part of our pre-release deep dives giving further details on the features seen here,” so keep an eye out for more new info later today.

FIFA 20 releases on Sept. 27.

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