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Fortnite Grill Locations: Where to Destroy Grills with Low N’ Slow Pickaxe (14 Days of Summer Challenge)


Fortnite Grill Locations: Where to Destroy Grills with Low N’ Slow Pickaxe (14 Days of Summer Challenge)

The final 14 Days of Summer challenge has arrived, tasking players with hunting down Fortnite grill locations to destroy them with the Low N’ Slow pickaxe. You’ll need to seek out seven of these grills across Fortnite’s map and destroy them before other players in order to complete the challenge. Here are all of the Fortnite grills we’ve found on the map so far.

How to Get Low N’ Slow Pickaxe in Fortnite

The first thing you’ll need to do before you can even begin working on this challenge is to get the Low N’ Slow pickaxe. This can be obtained by completing one of the previous 14 Days of Summer challenges that required you to launch three fireworks along the river bank. We’ve got a complete guide on all of the firework locations here.

Upon completing this challenge, you’ll be rewarded with this harvester, and you can now start working on tracking down the various grills on Fortnite’s map.

Where to Destroy Fortnite Grills with the Low N’ Slow Pickaxe

Fortnite grill locations

Currently, we’ve found 15 different locations where grills can be found, but there are actually more than 20 in total split across these various locations. We’ve included close-up screenshots of individual grills, and overviews of locations with multiple Fortnite grills down below.

1. Snobby Shores

fortnite grills

There are four Fortnite grills you can seek down in Snobby Shores. Simply head into the back yards of the most northern two houses to find two. The middle house doesn’t have one, but the two southern houses do. The one at the very south has a grill hiding just west of the tower in the north of its complex, while the house just north has one north of the swimming pool.

2. Southwest of Pleasant Park

fortnite grill locations

Underneath the giant umbrella just southwest of Pleasant, you’ll find another of the grills to hack away at with your Low N’ Slow pickaxe.

3. Pleasant Park

fortnite grills

Pleasant Park has three Fortnite grill locations itself. One can be found by the little gazebo-looking building in the center. Another can be found just west of the football pitch, and another can be found in the back yard of one of the houses to the west.


4. Southeast of Neo Tilted

fortnite grill locations

Right by the beach party southeast of this named location, you’ll find another of the grills waiting to be used by the carnival board.

5. North of Lazy Lagoon

Another grill can be found at the beach party north of Lazy Lagoon underneath the red umbrella by the snow cone van.

6. Dusty Divot

fortnite grill locations

Head to the southeast corner of Dusty Divot and there’s another of the beach parties kicking off. By the sun loungers underneath the red umbrella, you’ll find another of the Fortnite grill locations.

7. Mega Mall

Mega Mall has two grills on its west side. They’re both in back yards of houses to the west of the mall itself, marked on the screenshot above.


8. RV Park

At the RV Park, you can actually find four grills. One is located just next to the building at the very south of this location. Another two can be found either side of the wooden building at the very north of the park, and just a bit further north, you’ll find a picnic area with another Fortnite grill waiting to be hacked away at with your Low N’ Slow pickaxe.

9. Southeast of Sunny Steps

There’s a house just southeast of Sunny Steps that also contains another grill in the northeast corner of its exterior walls.

10. Paradise Palms

fortnite grills

Paradise Palms has four grills you can seek out. Two can be found in the houses in the southeast. Another can be found in the northwest in the yard with the swimming pool, and the last can be found right in the central square area, just south of the esports cafe.


11. Northwest of Paradise Palms

fortnite grill locations

A Fortnite grill can be found at the oasis just northwest of Paradise Palms, where there’s also a beach party going off.

12. Shifty Shafts

While it might be in the snow, it wasn’t always, and Shifty Shafts has a grill for players to seek out. It’s in the yard of the house just to the west of the named location itself, as shown in the screenshot above.

13. South of Desert

At the very south of the desert biome, nearby where you found the hidden seashell, you’ll find another grill over by an RV and a load of trash.

14. Lonely Lodge

Just south of the main building at Lonely Lodge, you’ll find another small wooden structure among the trees. On its first floor balcony, you’ll be able to find another of the Fortnite grill locations.

15. Salty Springs

fortnite grill locations

The final grill we’ve found is in the back yard of the house on the far east side of Salty Springs, as shown in the screenshot above.

For more on Fortnite Season 9, check out our guide wiki. If you’re looking for more on the 14 Days of Summer Challenges, check out all of our locations guides so far down below.

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