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Fortbyte 38 Location: Northern Most Sky Platform in Fortnite


Fortbyte 38 Location: Northern Most Sky Platform in Fortnite

The final Fortbyte has arrived in Fortnite Season 9, allowing completionists to finally complete the entire set, and those still scraping together the 90 to unlock the Singularity skin another chance at getting this season’s secret cosmetic. Fortbyte 38 is “Accessible with the Vendetta outfit at the northern most Sky Platform,” so here’s how you can get your hands on it.

How to Get Vendetta Outfit in Fortnite

Unfortunately, if you’ve not been putting in the work grinding out the weekly challenges and generally playing a fair amount of Fortnite, the Vendetta outfit might be somewhat out of your reach. You unlock it upon reaching Tier 100 on the Season 9 Battle Pass’ paid track, so if you’ve not yet hit the max level, you’ve got a bit of work to do before you get Fortbyte 38.

Once you’ve unlocked the outfit, simply head to the ‘Locker’ tab from the main menu, select the ‘Outfit’ option and choose the Vendetta skin from your selection. Confirm your choice and then dive into a game.

Fortbyte 38 Location: Northern Most Sky Platform – F3

northern most sky platform in Fortnite

Once you’ve got the Vendetta outfit, there’s not a whole lot more that’s difficult when it comes to getting Fortbyte 38 in Fortnite. The northernmost sky platform is in grid reference F3, just southwest of the water of Lazy Lagoon.

If you land on here at the beginning of a game, be prepared for plenty of players to be fighting it out with you. Fortbyte 38 itself can be found inside the little room of the sky platform, just next to one of the steel doors that you can smash through from the outside.

That’s everything you need to know to find Fortbyte 38 at the northern most sky platform in Fortnite. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our Season 9 guide wiki, or check out more of our recent Fortbyte guides down below.

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