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Fallout 76 Reveals New Details, Images, and Videos on Wastelanders, Nuclear Winter, and More

Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter

Fallout 76 Reveals New Details, Images, and Videos on Wastelanders, Nuclear Winter, and More

During a panel aired live from QuakeCon 2019, Bethesda provided an interesting look at the situation and future of Fallout 76.

First of all, we hear about the Nuclear Winter battle royale mode.

The developers decided to keep it running after the E3 week after Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Pete Hines and Game Director Todd Howard told them during the show that they simply couldn’t take it down. If they did, there would be a riot.

We also learn that a new location will soon be added, the town of Morgantown, which is completely different from the current Flatwoods location. You can see a teaser before.

Speaking about Adventure mode, Vault 94 is being finalized. It should come in the next few weeks in August.

Vaults are designed for four players, but you’re able to do them solo or with fewer players if you’d like (or if you’re a masochist because they’re very challenging). Among the rewards there are power armor sets.

The development team is actively developing a second vault that should come in the “not so distant future.”

Fast travel to events will become free. They will be very visible on the UI, and everyone will get a reward. Rewards will also be more predictable. Public events will be separated from regular events.

Speaking of Wastelanders, it’ll include raiders, new settlements, random encounter, sub-factions with dialogue, questlines, and more. According to the developers, story content like this is something the game is going to lean on as long as it’s around.

It’s going to be a more varied world, and it’s going to “change the game a lot.” One of the factions has been revealed and it’ll be the Cult of the Mothman.

Players will be able to align themselves with the factions and use their Specials with the dialogue trees. They will give you more and different options. This will feel more like Fallout 3 than Fallout 76. It’ll be a “full-fledged RPG.”

Companions will also make a comeback. They’re going to be in your camp and they will come with you on specific quests. They will also be romanceable.

Archery will be supported by new perks for characters specializing more on stealth.

Alongside Wastelanders, Power levels will be normalized somehow in order to have less of a gap between new and veteran players, especially for events.

The Legendary Perk system is currently in development. At level 50, players will be able to make a SPECIAL Legendary, and then choose new perk cards specifically for that slot. This will tie in with a sort of New Game Plus, because when you start a new character, you’ll be able to use those legendary perks. None of this is actually set in stone because it’s still being worked on.

Bethesda is targeting November for a release of Wastelanders.

The last (but not least) tidbit of information shared is that Private Servers are coming “sooner than we think.”

Fallout 76 is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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