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Way to the Woods, A Game Made Famous After Making the Rounds on Reddit in 2015, Receives New Trailer

Way to the Woods

Way to the Woods, A Game Made Famous After Making the Rounds on Reddit in 2015, Receives New Trailer

During the 2019 E3 Microsoft press conference, Way to the Woods, a game made famous after making the rounds on Reddit back in 2015, received a new trailer showcasing the game’s beauty, ethereal sound track and very cute deer.

The first time we saw this game back in 2015, it was something Redditors were hungry for. Surprisingly, at the time, the man behind the game was a 16-year-old teenager named Anthony Tan.

Some years have passed, and he’s a legal adult now, but he’s still busy at work getting Way to the Woods ready for patient players. We got a trailer for it last year that you can check out here.

In the new trailer, which was first shown during the 2019 E3 Microsoft Xbox One press conference, we see two deer making their way through new surroundings and settings most deer aren’t familiar with.

Sewers, supermarket aisles and subway trains to name a few.

In the trailer, we see that the two deer are guided by what appears to be the guardian deer’s guiding light, which keeps its antlers brightly lit. We’re not quite sure what this light is yet, but we’re excited to see where it takes these two adorable deer.

While this new trailer was shown during the Xbox press conference, we expect this game to make its way to not only the Xbox One, but other platforms as well. Only time will tell, though.

While not too much is known about the game just yet, we expect to play as the deer in the trailer while trying to find our way home — hence the title, Way to the Woods. If you’re familiar with deer, you know that their home is usually the woods but if the surrealness of this game is any indication, home might be something totally different.

We didn’t receive a release date, but we did receive a release window of 2020, followed by the words “for real this time,” so it seems we can all but definitely expect to see this game next year.

Check out the trailer for yourself below:

For more information about Way to the Woods or all of your other favorite games, be sure to search for what you’re looking for on Twinfinite. We’ll be covering anything and everything E3 2019 so keep it locked here.


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