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The Surge 2 Cinematic Trailer Revealed


The Surge 2 Cinematic Trailer Revealed

During the Inside Xbox E3 2019 livestream, the cinematic trailer for The Surge 2 was unveiled, featuring the Caspa remix of “The Day Is My Enemy” by The Prodigy.

Set in the nightmare-fueled world of technological supremacy, a new hero (whose name has yet to be revealed) crash-lands in the outskirts of Jericho City, where robots great and small reign supreme, soldiers enforce martial law and a disastrous nanostorm is imminent, waiting to end the world as they know it. As he explores the post-apocalyptic city to uncover the truth about the disaster, he must fight off the powerful machines, brute soldiers and drug-addicted religious cult members while a mysterious teenage girl acts as his guardian angel, leading him to parts unknown.

The Surge 2 will have you tearing opponents limb from limb in order to loot valuable equipment and customize armors, weapons, drones, abilities and implants in ways that will make your character strong enough to battle even stronger, colossal and more powerful opponents as you progress through the tragic story of Jericho City’s descent into robotic hell.

Check out the electrifying cinematic trailer below.

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