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Tales of Arise Reveals its Heroine and Hero with Gorgeous Screenshots, Trailer, and Art

Tales of Arise, Bandai Namco

Tales of Arise Reveals its Heroine and Hero with Gorgeous Screenshots, Trailer, and Art

Today Bandai Namco Entertainment released a new batch of screenshots, artwork and a trailer introducing the main characters of Tales of Arise.

The new assets and information were released to celebrate the Tales of Festival hosted today at the Yokohama Arena venue in Japan.

This also matched with the release of the game’s official Japanese website.

Enter Alphen. He is a man wearing an iron mask that covers half of his face. After meeting his counterpart Shionne, he takes the Sword of Flame and embarks on a quest to save his planet, Dahna.

Shionne is a lady cursed by “Thorns” who cause severe pain to anyone who touches her. She decides to ally with Alphen for her own purposes that she does not reveal, and challenge her fellow people from Rena in battle.

Alphen is voiced by Takuya Satou, whom you may know for lending his voice to Benwick in Tales of Berseria, Machias Regnitz in the Trials of Cold Steel series, and Cao Xiu in Dynasty Warriors 9.

Shionne is voiced by Shino Shimoji, who voiced Pyra and Mythra in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Georgia in Azur Lane, Louffe in Valkyria Chronicles 4, and Xin Xianying in Dynasty Warriors 9.

The game will include both Japanese and English voice tracks in the west, so we’ll be able to enjoy their performance.

The fact that they’re uneasy allies is immediately evident in the trailer as we hear Shionne telling Alphen “Hey, listen. I’m from Rena. You’re from Dahna, never forget this.” It’s obvious that sparks are going to fly, and the story feels all more exciting due to this.

You can check out all the assets below. If you want to see more, you can enjoy the first screenshots and the original announcement trailer.

Tales of Arise will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2020.

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