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Sunny Stealth Game El Hijo Gets a New Trailer at E3’s PC Gaming Show

El Hijo Teaser

Sunny Stealth Game El Hijo Gets a New Trailer at E3’s PC Gaming Show

Today a brand new trailer for stealth game El Hijo was revealed at E3 2019’s PC Gaming Show, showing off gameplay footage as well as its cryptic story.

Developed by Honig Studios and published by HandyGames, El Hijo puts a bright, sunny twist on the stealth game genre. You play as a six year old who’s mother has left them alone at a desert monastery. Your job in the game is to try to escape and finally find your lost mother.

It’s been a while since El Hijo’s first teaser was released, which provided a more concrete and threatening reason for your mother leaving you. However this new trailer shows much more in the way of gameplay.

Unlike the weapons and violence found in most popular stealth games, this one has you use toys, tricks, and your own natural slyness and agility to sneak around the watchful monks, who are determined to keep you inside.

The trailer shows off some of your juvenile arsenal, as you can throw rocks to distract the monks and use your slingshot to ring alarm bells. Your tiny frame is perfect for hiding in all monastery’s nooks and crannies, and you can easily clamber over people on overhead beams.

El Hijo aims to expand your skills naturally throughout the story without giving you a ton of gadgets and upgrades, so your resources will always stay fairly limited. When new mechanics are introduced, they’re often combined with your existing skills and act as a natural extension.

Inspired by the spaghetti western, El Hijo has a beautiful, cell shaded art style that easily evokes the genre. The trailer also hints towards the story, and the buried family portrait is a mysterious hook without giving away too much.

El Hijo will release later in 2019 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch. In the meantime, check out the new trailer below.

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