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Sea of Thieves Is Getting a Halo-themed Ship


Sea of Thieves Is Getting a Halo-themed Ship

In the E3 2019 episode of Inside Xbox, Joe Neate, executive producer of the online game Sea of Thieves, showed a trailer with a big surprise for long-time Xbox fans.

The trailer opens with a shot of a Sea of Thieves pirate ship, accompanied by a vaguely familiar tune in the background. To anyone paying close enough attention, this song  is a sea shanty rendition of the classic Halo theme, which makes sense, considering that there’s a figurehead of our beloved Master Chief on the ship’s bow.

That’s right, Halo content is coming to Sea of Thieves! From June 10th-15th, anyone who owns or picks up Sea of Thieves will get a free Spartan Ship set to celebrate the full reveal of Halo Infinite.

This may or may not be a two-part cross-over. When asked about whether Sea of Thieves content could be coming to Halo Infinite, executive producer Neate simply held his hands up and shrugged. So take that as you will!

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