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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Wand Guide: How to Make One, Is There a Best Wand? Explained

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Wand Guide: How to Make One, Is There a Best Wand? Explained

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is now out on mobile devices and it’s essentially a Harry Potter version of Pokemon GO. But instead of catching Pokemon, you’ll be facing off against magical creatures to return Foundables back to the magic world away from the eye of Muggles. Here’s how to make wands in Harry Potter Wizards Unite and an explanation as to how they work.

How to Make Wands in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

On the main map screen of the game, click on the bottom-left icon that shows a single wizard wearing a hat. This will take you to your Ministry ID card, which shows you a ton of stuff like your name, title, wizarding achievements, and much much more.

Here, you can also design your own wand by pressing on the Wand Weighing section in the middle of the page. At the top, you can choose the type of wood for your wand and if you click on the little ‘i’ button, you can see more details on each type. They don’t alter the gameplay, but each one is suited for a wizard with a certain type of personality.

You can also choose between three different supreme core types for your wand, the flexibility of your wand, and the length of your wand.

Once you pick an option for each section, just hit the register button at the bottom of the page and say hello to your new customized wand.

Is There a Best Wand?

In terms of there being a best one to create, there simply isn’t one. All of this is merely deciding what your’s looks like and to add a bit of personality to your wizarding adventures.

That’s all you need to know about wands and how to make the best ones in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. For more on the new mobile game, please be sure to check our ever-expanding wiki guide right here.

And, if you’re interested, here are some guides to check out to get you started:

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