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Harry Potter Wizards Unite: How to Battle

Harry potter wizards unite, battle

Harry Potter Wizards Unite: How to Battle

Wizards Unite, the new AR mobile game from the people behind Pokemon GO, sees you explore the wizarding world to fight dangerous beings and return others to where they belong. So that you can fare best against tricky foes, here’s everything you need to know about how to battle in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, including where you do it and what rewards you get.

Battling in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Where Can You Battle

While there is one main type of location to battle in in Wizards Unite, you can do so anywhere in theory. Battling is just a type of encounter with an enemy in the game.

Instead of casting a spell to free a Foundable from a Confoundable out in the world, you sometimes have to battle a mysterious creature instead.

However, those encounters are usually shorter and easier than those in the main place that you battle in the game.

Fortresses are the equivalent of Gyms in Pokemon GO and are where the most powerful Foundables are usually located. To get the chance to return them to the wizarding world, though, you first need to battle past a series of enemies.

Fortresses are where you’ll reliably be able to battle in Wizards Unite, if that’s what you’re after.

How to Attack in Wizards Unite

Thankfully, attacking enemies when in a battle works in the same way as casting a spell when trying to catch a Foundable.

You and the enemy take turns attacking and all you need to do when it’s your turn is follow the glyph on the screen, just as you do with standard spells.

Do note, though, that you need to have spell energy to cast attacks, just as you do when you’re trying to catch Foundables. Also, the more accurate with the tracing of the glyph you are, the more likely it is to take more stamina away from the enemy.

Harry potter wizards unite, battle

How to Defend in Battle

Defending is even easier than attacking, you just have to have your wits about you and keep an eye on your opponent. Whenever the enemy attacks you, you will be promoted to swipe diagonally on the screen in a specific direction.

You need to be quick though as the enemy will remove some of your stamina if you don’t swipe in time. You’ll see your stamina bar at the top of the screen and you need to ensure that you don’t lose all of it.

Is There PvP?

As of the game’s launch, there are no PvP options at all. Just as was and is the case with Pokemon GO, the objective of Wizards Unite is to give players a reason to explore the world outside and play cooperatively.

You can tackle battles in Fortresses together, but you’re not able to fight against each other.

While, of course, we’ll let you know if that ever changes, I wouldn’t hold your breath. PvP has never come to Niantic’s other game, and the general design of their titles suggests that it isn’t something that’s planned or intended to be part of the experience.

What Rewards Do You Get?

If you have to battle a creature via simple traces out in the world, the rewards you get are just the chance to add the creature to your collection but battling in Wizards Unite’s Fortresses gets you more.

Not only does winning allow you to progress through each of the stages, but you’ll often be given Spellbooks or Scrolls, XP, Fragments, or other useful things for winning.

Tips for Battling in Wizards Unite

As for how to maximize your chances of winning when starting a battle in the game, the first thing to do is to get yourself some friends and tackle a Fortress together.

That allows you to diversify your skills so that you can fare well against all types of enemy. On your own, you’ll struggle against the different elemental types, as well as the sheer difficulty of all the stages.

Then, be sure to stock up on all the potions you might need if you’re planning a long run through the many stages. They can get very tough, so be prepared.

That’s everything you need to know about how to battle in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, including where you do it and what rewards you get. For more on the game, check out our wiki guide.

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