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Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Include New Materia

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Include New Materia

Today the online version of Famitsu published the interview with Director Tetsuya Nomura related to the Final Fantasy VII Remake that appeared earlier this week.

Interestingly, it included additional information that was not printed in the magazine.

In particular, we hear about the Materia system, which will work basically in the same way as the original, slotting material into weapons and gear. That being said, since the battle system has been overhauled, there will be new materia added in line with that. On the other hand, some materia will also disappear.

Nomura-san also confirmed that materia slotted in your equipment will be reflected visually on the characters.

If you want to see and learn more of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, you can check out the translation of the rest of the interview, the latest screenshots, the recent gameplay reveal and trailers, another from a few weeks ago, and a beautiful piece of concept artwork showing off Sephiroth, and some crazy-detailed character images featuring the protagonists.

You can also read more information about the voice and subtitle options that will be included in the game. Last, but not least you should enjoy all the details our very own Ed Mcglone learned while playing the demo at E3 2019 and read his first hands-on preview and the second. He liked the game so much that he had to write two of them.

The first game of the Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch on PS4 on March 3, 2020. No other platforms have been announced so far.

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