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Crackdown 3’s Flying High Update Gives Us Wingsuits and New Gadgets

Crackdown 3 Flying High Update

Crackdown 3’s Flying High Update Gives Us Wingsuits and New Gadgets

Today, Crackdown 3 brings us its new Flying High update for free with tons of fun things to do. It’s available with Xbox Game Pass, on Xbox One, and Windows 10 PC.

The Flying High update gives us a bunch of fancy new gadgets to mess with. The most exciting toy comes in the form of the Agency Wingsuit, where you can attack enemies from far above or partake in one of seven Wingsuit races.

You can also play around with the Clusterduck grenade’s chain-reaction explosions, use the Hellstorm Flare to call in airstrikes, or throw out the Agency Peacekeeper Beacon to get a little help from the Civilian Militia.

The Elemental Forge gadget allows you to summon four unique environmental weapons. Turn up the heat with the Flaming Sword, send some sparks with the Electric Hammer,  cool things down with the Ice Mace, or throw some toxins around with the Chimera Axe.

The Flying High update brings 14 new Achievements and 500 Gamerscore. So, it’s sure to keep you entertained for quite some time. Check out the update trailer below and check out Xbox’s website for more. For more on Crackdown 3, have a look at a few things to do after finishing the game and some of the best weapons to use.



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