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Top 5 Best Weapons to Use in Crackdown 3


Top 5 Best Weapons to Use in Crackdown 3

Best Crackdown 3 Weapons – 5: Prophecy

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There’s a lot of fancy explosive and heat-based weaponry in Crackdown 3, but if you just want a solid assault rifle that’s easy to use and is going to be decently effective versus everything, then the prophecy is among the best weapons you can use in Crackdown 3.

It’s more or less a glorified assault rifle. It can hit enemies decently at any range, but is extra effective up close, which is where it can start to rival some of the other flashier guns. It’s particularly great versus unshielded humans, but it’s not shabby against some of the other more specialized enemies either.

Solid similar alternative: Bolt Thrower

The Bolt Thrower is a very similar weapon to the Prophecy, except that it trades a bit of range and consistently across the board with the added benefit of heat-based attacks and the ability to cause burning damage.

Shooting it feels almost exactly the same, so consider swapping out for the Bolt Thrower if you won’t miss the added range and want a little bit more damage instead. It kind of depends on what you have in your other two slots.

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