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Atelier Ryza Gets New Screenshots Showing New Characters and Beautiful World

Atelier Ryza

Atelier Ryza Gets New Screenshots Showing New Characters and Beautiful World

Following yesterday’s reveal on Famitsu, the Japanese arm of Koei Tecmo released a batch of new screenshots and details about Gust’s upcoming JRPG  Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout.

First of all, we get a detailed introduction of a few characters

Anpel Formar is an exiled alchemist who suffered from physical and mental injuries in the past. He rents a house in the village of Rassenboden in his quest to explore the nearby ruins. His appearance is youthful, but he’s actually quite mature. A past incident made it impossible for him to execute advanced alchemy-

Boos Brunnen is the only son of the Brunnen family, that has exclusive rights to the village’s water source. He enthusiastically takes every opportunity to show Ryza and her friends his strenght and superiority. He is arrogant, prideful, and physically strong, but he’s actually very smart.

Runber Dorn is a boy who always follows Boos around. Like him, he’s arrogant, but he’s also petty, often harassing Ryza and her friends. The only thing that appears to be real about him is his loyalty to Boos.

Moritz Brunnen is Boos father, and a skilled merchant, facilitator, and de facto village leader. Since he owns the village’s water source, he holds great power locally. He’s very skilled, but his reputation isn’t necessarily good due to his forceful methods and violent personality.

We also take a look at the creation system, which allows you to create your own field to use for gathering. It’s possible to create places with completely different atmosphere compared to the island where Ryza lives.

We then get to see a few screenshots of the game’s world, which look really nice compared to the previous games of the series.

Last, but not least, the gallery shows the illustration on the box of the Japanese premium edition, and the early purchase bonus, which is the “Summer Adventure” costumer for Ryza herself.

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout releases in Japan for PS4 and Switch on September 26. Afterward, it’ll launch in North America on October 29 and in Europe on November 1 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

You can also check out the first video.

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