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Super Mario Maker 2 Gets New Gameplay Footage to Mark the New Era in Japan


Super Mario Maker 2 Gets New Gameplay Footage to Mark the New Era in Japan

Super Mario Maker 2 just got some new gameplay footage that was posted to Nintendo’s Japanese Instagram page.

The one minute clip showcases gameplay in three different Mario game styles, starting with Super Mario Bros., to Super Mario World, then Super Mario 3D world, in order of their release.

This gameplay also loosely corresponds with Japan’s respective eras, with the first section representing the Shōwa period, the second representing the Heisei period, and the third representing the now Reiwa Period.

The gameplay briefly shows off a bit more of the fast-paced level traversal that players from Super Mario Maker will recognize, accompanied by the Super Mario World athletic theme.

Each section transitions with Mario entering and exiting a pipe into a new style. Fans have begun to speculate whether this is an in-game feature –where players can transition from one style to another, or if this was just editing on Nintendo’s part. The latter seems more likely, as fans have observed a change in the score and time shown above after each transition.

The Super Mario World portion also shows a new sky background theme which has been heavily requested by players for building vertical levels, as well as some other subtle nods to new features.

Super Mario Maker 2 releases for Nintendo Switch on June 28, 2019.

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