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Nintendo Is Discounting Their Own Games With a Game Vouchers Program

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Nintendo Is Discounting Their Own Games With a Game Vouchers Program

The Super Mario Maker 2 Direct finished airing just a little while ago and gave us a full peek at a plethora of new features for the sequel to the original Wii U game. During the presentation, Nintendo also announced Game Vouchers that will give Switch Online subscribers access to discounted Nintendo-published titles.

The new Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers are only available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, and it works like this: You buy a pair of vouchers for $99.99 and can redeem each one of them for a full-price game.

Potentially, this could save you about $20 if you buy two $60 games with your vouchers. This also works if you want to pre-load a not-yet-released game.

Of course, keep in mind that this system is only available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, which, in itself, costs $20 a year. Even with that caveat in mind, this voucher system is significant considering Nintendo’s standards. Nintendo-published games rarely go on sale or discount, and when they do, it’s usually years after that game releases, or during special sales.

Nintendo mentions that you can buy these discount vouchers right now on the eShop or on their own website. Be sure you actually use them, though – each voucher is only valid for a year after the purchase date.

This offer only runs until July 31, 2019. You can watch the entire Super Mario Maker 2 Direct down below:

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