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Epic Games Launches Its First Epic Mega Sale

Epic Games Store

Epic Games Launches Its First Epic Mega Sale

In this world, nothing is certain except death, taxes, and Steam sales. However, now that Epic Games has its own digital storefront, the company is trying its hands at tempting gamers with tons of games at epically deep discounts. Given what the company is offering, consider me tempted.

The Epic Mega Sale, which starts today and runs until June 13th, slashes game prices up to 75% off. This sale applies to games that are currently available and up for pre-order. However, DLC, season passes, and in-game purchases are exempt, so don’t think you can buy the Fortnite Save The World upgrade for pennies on the dollar.

Normally, a deep discount is an attractive proposition in and of itself, but Epic Games is sweetening the deal with an additional $10 off any game valued at $14.99 or more after discounts.

But that’s not all, apparently. Ever since the Epic Games Store launched, the company has offered a free game every two weeks. Titles such as Transistor, Axiom Verge, Oxenfree, and Subnautica have been given away in the past, and starting today, users can add Stories Untold to their libraries for free. But that ain’t the good news.

Instead of one free game every two weeks, gamers will receive a free game each week for the duration of the sale. This means gamers will receive four free games —including Stories Untold— during the Epic Mega Sale, five if the company plans to offer a new game on June 13th.

Previously, when Fortnite accidentally leaked the sale, the announcement stated players who sign up for two-factor authentication (2FA) will receive $10 to spend in the Epic Games Store. However, I activated my 2FA a long time ago and don’t see any store credit. Whether this means the offer is only applicable to new 2FA users, has yet to be implemented, was never going to happen, or only applies to the Fortnite in-game store remains to be seen.

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