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Fortnite Leaked an Epic Games Store Sale Before it Was Confirmed

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Fortnite Leaked an Epic Games Store Sale Before it Was Confirmed

Only launched last year, Epic Games’ ever-controversial Store hasn’t had the opportunity to put some significant price-cuts on their game offerings. But that’s about to change.

If you have a keen eye and were logged onto Fortnite yesterday, you might have caught this in-game announcement, claiming that the “Mega-Sale” was live at that moment.

“The Epic Games Store Mega Sale is happening right now,” the post read, “Sign up for 2FA (2-Factor authentication) to get $10 to spend in the store.”

Source: Reclips-YT (Reddit)

Turns out, this was a mistake. A short while after the news post was discovered by Reddit users, the official Fortnite Twitter account sent out a tweet to address the “leaked” Mega-sale.

As of writing, there are no other details on this Mega-sale. There will no doubt be sales on already-existing games on the platform – perhaps the sale will extend to Fortnite skins and/or V-bucks, as well.

The Epic Games Store has been garnering a heated tension in the PC gaming community lately. With Epic snatching new titles like Borderlands 3 and The Division 2 from Valve’s tried-and-trusted storefront, Steam, many users are upset. The prospect of using a relatively new platform, when most of your library, friends, and achievements are consolidated to one place can be frustrating.

Whether you’re fond of the company or not, it’s undeniable Epic has maintained their momentum incredibly well, snagging games left and right. Rocket League, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Outer Wilds, Borderlands 3, Rage 2 – all of these are or will be on Epic’s storefront on PC, and their cascade of games will only continue as Epic presses forward.

No doubt, Epic’s already impressive lineup of games will only be more attractive when they start putting a few of them on sale.

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