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Dauntless: What the Max Level Cap Is

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Dauntless: What the Max Level Cap Is

It’s been a while since Dauntless first broke onto the scene with it’s open beta on PC, but now it’s here on consoles and over 4 million players have given it a shot. If you’re here, you’re probably a newer player and you’re wondering what the max level cap is for slayers in Dauntless. Let’s break down how it works.

Max Level Cap (Slayer Level)

Your Slayer Level is crucial for surviving the tougher Behemoth battles in Dauntless. The higher your Slayer Level is, the more Health and Stamina you will have, in addition to other useful perks such as Titles and access to Cores.

The max level cap in Dauntless is 50. In order to get there you’ll need to work your way through the Mastery System which will provide challenges for you to complete based on your weapon and the Behemoths you’re able to fight.

In addition to your overall level, there’s also Mastery ranks for each weapon just like there is for Slayer. Progressing through these ranks will also unlock additional perks for you such as titles and cores specific to your weapon of choice.

Ideally, to be as versatile as possible in Dauntless regardless of your level, make your way through the mastery of as many weapons as you can. That way you can fill in any position on your hunting team.

While everyone is going to have their favorite weapons, there are situations where you might be better off going with something else, especially if you’re playing with randoms and can’t coordinate. So the more weapons you know how to use in Dauntless the better.

That does it for what the max level cap (Slayer Rank) is in Dauntless. For more on the latest Behemoth hunting action game, be sure to check out our wiki guide which has more tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions answered.

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